no cost av programs & top 10 bootable antivirus iso's

Free Virus Removal Tools Tips:
1. Ensure you have two complete backups before proceeding.

2. Use each of the following AV programs to scan and clean your computer from viral infections. Ensure you temporarily disable any existing AV applications before running the below utilities.

3. If after using RKill, KillSwitch, JRT, Adwcleaner, ComboFix and your computer remains infected, consider going to the bottom of this page and create a bootable CD or bootable USB flash drive.

4. To boot from a CD, DVD or USB Flash drive you will must modify the BIOS boot order (F2, or DEL during startup) to ensure the CD or USB drive boots before the hard disk. Then scan with the AV utilities provided by the CD author to clean your PC.


Run / Download this column first.

Click all the buttons below before running items in Column Two.


Run the following in order.

Click all the below buttons after running all items in Column One.

Above button takes you to, download to the c:\FVRT directory.

Above button takes you to, download the c:\FVRT directory. Extract to C:\FVRT\
Above button takes you to, download WinZip to the c:\FVRT & install. This maybe required to extract CCE
Above button takes you to, download ComboFix.exe to the c:\FVRT directory.

Alternately, you can create an UBCD Ultimate Boot CD. Boot your infected PC with the UBCD, enable file sharing and access the computer hard disk via your local area network.

Another option is to remove the infected computer hard disk and scan the disk with another computer.

The goal of this web page is to present the steps you should follow to remove Malware infections. Ideally, you should follow the steps in sequence, but some infections may prevent using several cleaning programs. If you cannot use one of the cleaning utilities, go to the next step and see if it removes the infection(s).

Try using EVERY cleaning program to ensure the infection(s) has been removed. Malware infections are designed by Cyber-Criminals to steal your personal information and these unauthorized programs are very sophisticated and difficult to remove. It may take many hours or several days to scan, clean and repair your Malware infection (s).

Please be patient, follow the steps, read the instructions and keep your "fingers crossed". Sometimes the only way to repair your computer is just never give up.

Top 10 Free Anti-virus ISO's to create bootable recovery CD's or bootable USB Flash Drives
Individual Antivirus I S O's are used to create (using the free I S O CD Creator for some of the below I S O's) standalone bootable antivirus repair Anti-virus Bootable Rescue CD Disk. Because your infected computer boots from the following CD's, the infected file isn't marked as open or marked as un-deletable by the operating system's attributes. You would want to use more than one of the following bootable anti-virus CD's to ensure the infection has really been removed. CD's are cheap and using 5-6 would just about guarantee the malware infection has been removed.


A CDROM DVDROM writer, a package of blank CD/DVDs or a USB flash drive and a bit of patience.

CD / DVD Tips:
Create the Boot CD/DVD on an uninfected computer, handle the media on the edges, i.e., no finger prints on the media. Also buy sleeves or CD cases to store the media. Ensure you keep the burnt media out of the sun and away from heat sources. Label the media with an indelible marker, adhesive labels tend to have bubbles and ridges which can cause your CD to get stuck. If you cannot remove a cd, insert a straightened paper clip into the little hole you will see on the face of the CD/DVD burner.

As with all methods to remove viruses, multiple tests ensure the viral infections will be identified and then removed. There is no single test by which all viruses can be seen then removed. A multiple systems procedure takes more time but then increases the probability of seeing then removing the Malware. The experts who have created these removal tools also have described best practices the clean and repair your infected computer. By reading their instructions you dramatically improve your chances of success.

Additionally, ISO's can be restored to USB Flash Drives and then booted if the computers BIOS is tweaked to look at the bootable drive before attempting to boot from the infected hard disk. Not all computers allow one to boot from a USB Flash Drive, but many if not most the newer computers allow this method.

WARNING: USB Flash drives can be infected with viruses. Ensure you use a flash drive that allows you to Write Protect. Typically there is a switch on the USB Flash Drive that when switched prevents anything to be written to it. Otherwise, if your Boot sequence isn't correct you might infect the USB Flash Drive and then infect every computer into which the stick is plugged into. Please review this URL before infected your other computers,6564.html Please don't spread your malware infection because you are impatient and don't want to purchase a write protected USB Flash Drive!

The Buttons below download utilities to create Bootable USB Flash Drives or Bootable DVD's
The below two buttons are optional depending on your operating system, if your computer allows booting from a USB flash drive, or if the .ISO file works only on a DVD drive.
The buttons to the right column, will download ISO images to your C:\FVRT directory.

Be patient and only download two at a time. Ensure the ISO's have finished downloading before clicking the next button as they are large files 100+ megabytes each.

These ISO images can be copied to either a USB Flash drive or DVD using Rufus or ImageBurn

Rufus or ImageBurn will create a Bootable Operating System on the USB drive or DVD to remove viruses.

Booting from either the USB Flash drive or DVD will require modifying your BIOS.

The BIOS is the first thing that appears when to start your computer. Typically pressing the F2 or DEL key at the very beginning of your start up will open the BIOS menu.

From the BIOS menu you can choose the boot sequence to cause your bootable USB flash drive or bootable DVD to start before your Windows Operating System.