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Ensure you have two complete backups before proceeding. Use each of the following AV programs to scan and clean your computer from viral infections. Ensure you Un-install any existing AV applications before installing any on-access AV utility.

How does one clean an infected computer?

Use lots different programs, scanners, utilities and never give up.

If after using six to seven of the AV scanners your computer remains infected, consider going to the last page of this web site and create a bootable CD. You will want to modify the BIOS boot order to ensure the CD boots before the hard disk. Then scan with the AV utilities provided by the CD author to clean your PC.

Alternately, you can create an UBCD Ultimate Boot CD. Boot your infected PC with the UBCD, enable file sharing and access the computer hard disk via your local area network.

Another option is to remove the infected computer hard disk and scan the disk with another computer.

The goal of this web page is to present the steps you should follow to remove Malware infections. Ideally, you should follow the steps in sequence, but some infections may prevent using several cleaning programs. If you cannot use one of the cleaning utilities, go to the next step and see if it removes the infection(s).

Try using EVERY cleaning program to ensure the infection(s) has been removed. Malware infections are designed by Cyber-Criminals to steal your personal information and these unauthorized programs are very sophisticated and difficult to remove. It may take many hours or several days to scan, clean and repair your Malware infection (s).

Please be patient, follow the steps, read the instructions and keep your "fingers crossed". Sometimes the only way to repair your computer is just never give up.
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